• La Héronnière / Alain Carle Architecte

    手机ag娱乐app平台We offer a reflection on the importance of maintaining a theoretical issue in our practice, which seems undermined by the public’s sole interest today in the technical dimension: “sustainable development”.La Héronnière was designed according to an approach related to upcycling (which consists of reclaiming waste into an object of value by the artist’s poetic intervention. This current derives its origins, on the one hand, from the anti-establishment “attitudes” of Arte Povera, through Po

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  • CAB House / Estudio MMX

    手机ag娱乐app平台The plot′s terrain had an impressive descent of 16 meters (52 ft) within its limits. On the bottom, a ravine with a dry creek offers a level of intimacy and contact with nature unmatched by the conditions at street level. The project′s main objective was to reach the lowest point of the terrain. The house needed a sequence of varying levels that translates onto a subtle descent parallel to the natural context.The atmosphere of the surrounding woods and the slope, refers back to basaltic prisms

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  • Beira Mar House / Paulo Martins Arq&Design

    Located in one of the most typical and established neighbourhoods ofAveiro(Beira Mar), this residence is the result of a passionate and challenging reform, a reform which intends to return to the city and to its users a lifestyle which is free and in contact with outdoor spaces, with the sound of seagulls and the smell of the sea breeze, the colour of the sky and the green of the vegetation.Built on a plot of land measuring 30 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, it formally establishes itself as a

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  • Family Villa in Giruliai / DO Architects

    The family villa is built just a few hundred meters away from the Baltic sea shore, where water, sand, pebbles and pines all mix together. Views, experiences and sounds of the surrounding nature accompany one’s approach to the villa and fill the interior with its calm presence. Local materials used in exterior and interior blend the building to the natural Baltic seaside.The building is split in two volumes to create different spaces for variety of functions and comfortable living. Volumes and

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  • Pavilion Can Gio Ho Chi Minh Vietnam / DE-SO

    Can Gio forest stretches over 75,740 ha land, which gathers about 150 plant species. Close to Ho Chi Minh City (60 km), this area is also considered as the green lung of the city with its typical mangroves possessing a variety of unique and rare species.A bird wings-shaped building.Can Gio Restaurant is designed like a pair of bird wings spreading across the Can Gio Mangrove Forest located in the South of Ho Chi Minh City (the natural space has been classified as one of the International Biosphe

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  • La Cucina / Myeongborang / Choon Choi Architects

    手机ag娱乐app平台La Cucina / Myeongborang is located at the highest point in the Hannam district on the south side of Namsan, commanding a panoramic view of the city, from Han River to the N-Tower. Whereas the previous building on this prominent site, Gallery Bing, dominated its surroundings with its monolithic, crystalline form, the new building seems to disappear into its soft and muted atmosphere, as its veiled and reflective surfaces optically blur and disintegrate the building.If the old gallery was conceiv

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  • Tarrytown Residence / Alterstudio Architecture

    手机ag娱乐app平台The Tarrytown Residence injects a tone of modernity into an otherwise traditional, post-war neighborhood, and defines a private landscape as the center of this family home. Caught between a walled garden along the street and a central courtyard behind, the interior opens resolutely to the out-of-doors under a ubiquitous ceiling plane and is minimally contained by custom site-glazed window walls. A pair of abstract volumes, clad in long-format, black brick, and black-stained cedar completes the e

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  • Lake Huron House / SAOTA

    This summer house is set on the banks of Lake Huron in a small, remote Canadian town about an hour’s drive from London, Ontario. While the architectural context might be characterised as somewhat conservative “cabin country”, this house attempts to extend the possibilities of the traditional lakeside family retreat through a contemporary architectural approach, harnessing recent developments in design, technology and sustainability to connect meaningfully with its beautiful natural setting wh

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  • On The Water House / Nikken Sekkei

    手机ag娱乐app平台Situated alongside a lake, this guesthouse was designed as a continuous spiral space flowing from the approach to the bedrooms. Each step taken deeper inside the building reveals a changing lakefront view. The various lakeside environments, including the sound of ripples, light reflecting from the water surface, the humidity and thermal radiation, are also carried on into the spiral, but in a non-uniform distribution due to changes in physical distance from the water surface.Since the whole stru

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  • R2 House / Studio Bloco Arquitetura

    Casa R2 is located in closed condominium in the city of Xangri-lá, on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul. Its implantation in a plot with dimensions 12x30 meters was guided by the legal conditions and by the needs program. This program, which required an extensive occupation of the plot for the house to open to its interior. The house dialogues with contemporary living, where the simple and the connection with what is natural is necessary daily. Especially in a beach house, where being stripp

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